Bevan’s recipe for his Venison Biltong

Growing up in Botswana, Biltong was and still is one of Bevan’s favourite things to eat and is alot easier to make than most people think. Biltong drying boxes are available to buy online and range in prices but to make your own all you need is an empty wine crate, light fitting, bulb, dowel rods and a drill.

To make the spice mix blitz the below ingredients together, which will keep in an air tight container ready for when you need it.


  • 180g Sea Salt
  • 20g Black Pepper
  • 10g Brown Sugar
  • 40g Coriander Seeds


1.) Slice 1kg of haunch into strips with the grain of the meat.

2.) Sprinkle with malt vinegar & worcestshire sauce, enough to just coat the meat.

3.) Mix in around 30-40g of the spice mix and leave in the fridge overnight.

4.) In the morning hang your strips up in your dryer and wait patiently for them to dry.

Drying time depends on how thick the strips are, your won individual box and also how dry you like the meat to be. I tend to cut around ½ cm thick strips and in my box they can take anywhere from 1 ½ days to 2 days.

… and Enjoy!