Fat is the key to an epic burger, anything below 15% will mean a dry and crumbly patty. With Venison being renowned for being low in fat I like to use bacon not only to bring the fat/meat ratio up but also to add another layer of flavour to my patty. This recipe has been cut back to what believe are the essentials, experiment with it to create your own signature recipe.

Serves 4


800g Minced venison

120g Chopped bacon

1 Diced Shallot


Start of by frying the shallot in rapeseed oil until soft and translucent. Allow them to cool and combine all the ingredients together. Avoid overmixing to keep your burgers tender and full of flavour.

Gently roll into 8 balls, before pressing them individually between 2 sheets of grese proof paper.

Season liberally with salt and pepper just before cooking.

Top Tips for epic burgers

  • Fat is key. 15-20% is ideal
  • Season only just before cooking
  • Dont over handle the mixture
  • Choose your bun wisely. Soft and squishy is best
  • Add whatever you like, no one can tell you what to put in or not

… and Enjoy!