Veni & Son barn

So, for us to create wonderful food we need a wonderful kitchen!

Needless to say, this is no mean feat when you live in the middle of rural Berkshire. After weeks of searching, with very little luck, a very wonderful couple, who own the farm where I spend my days chasing pigeons, mentioned that they would be happy for us  to convert their Old 1920’s garage to a kitchen and dining room.

So now we have a space we can convert!  Sweet, brilliant! Let’s do this…

Funnily enough, converting a brick garage from the 20’s into a kitchen fit for use, that would pass all inspections, was not going to be easy. We would need new electrics fitted, plumbing sorted, wipe clean walls, a new floor… the list was endless.

At the beginning we went from, ‘It’s perfect!’ to,  ‘Is it feasible here? Do we need a new space? Can we do it on the budget?’ Doing the work ourselves wasn’t really an option as we are rubbish at DIY. We can throw you the most incredible wedding but ask us to do DIY, not a hope in hell!

So it was left to the professionals to do this, the only aspects we did, were the painting and the floor. The Old Garage went from a storage unit to a fully functioning kitchen in less than 2 months. To be honest, pretty effortlessly. (Well, on our part anyway!) So, here we are with a wonderful kitchen, on a wonderful farm, where we can forage and gather many of our ingredients.

I would like to say a huge thank you to Tim & Josie for all their help and generosity and for sharing our vision. Without them, I think we would still be searching and I can’t see how we would find a better venue for our exciting venture.

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